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If our standard range of machine tools or tables does not exactly match your specifications, we can work on a tailor-made project that meet all your criteria while respecting current safety standards (Directive 2006/42/EC) .

Roty & Fils is capable to work on a range of custom-made industrial tables and machine tools, the result of decades of expertise and know-how. Our team of highly qualified technicians and engineers constantly work on your project to design and produce machine tools that meet your precise requirements.

Each project is a challenge that we take on with passion and professionalism, guaranteeing reliable, efficient and durable solutions.

As designers and manufacturers, we provide you with personalised solutions. Our R&D department is used to developping tailor-made solutions, manufactured by our team made up of experienced boilermakers, cablers, programmers and assemblers.

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Located in Saint-Malo, Roty & Fils occupies a 1200 m2 production site with a team of about twenty people.

Our Design Department works in close collaboration with our sales staff to develop, improve and market a varied range of saws, cutting machines and combined drilling + sawing machines for aluminium, steel and other materials.

The experience and know-how of Roty & Fils and our commitment to quality and innovation are your best guarantee to find the solution for your cutting, drilling, trimming operations, etc.